DID YOU KNOW? Mining diamonds is the cause of major human suffering, corruption, child labour, poverty, and environmental disruption around the world. 

Mined diamonds require extensive resources to extract the rough stones from the Earth – and the increasing awareness of its unsustainability and harmful effects has given rise to the need for eco-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. 

What is a conflict-free diamond?

Also known as blood diamonds – conflict diamonds are diamonds that are unsustainable and harm our environment and society. These are diamonds where miners have to endure harsh and unsafe labor practices, and where reckless mining processes have resulted in major environmental degradation. 

On the other hand, conflict-free diamonds are mined and shipped without any connections to rebel groups – which are known to engage in brutal techniques in order to trade diamonds in the black market. 

Put simply: conflict-free diamonds are ethical and sustainable diamonds that do not come at an extra cost for you as a consumer – while still being just as sparkly and beautiful as mined diamonds.

This is one of the reasons why 18 KARAATS offer lab-grown diamonds to our customers – because they are grown in highly-controlled laboratory environments, there is no need to worry about unethical mining practices and environmental degradation.

Comparing the effects of mining diamonds and lab-grown diamonds:

  • Lab-grown diamonds uses less water to produce
  • Lab-grown diamonds emit less harmful carbon emissions during its production
  • Lab-grown diamonds require less land disturbance.
  • Lab-grown diamonds do not result in human rights and safety issues.

At 18 KARAATS, we are proud to say that all our diamonds are 100% conflict-free. We are fully transparent about the origins of our diamonds and want to assure you that all our stones are ethically-sourced.

This is also why we offer simulated diamonds such as moissanite that are more eco-friendly and labor-friendly.

18 KARAATS strongly believes that a symbol of love and beauty doesn’t have to cost you or the environment – shop our collection today or contact us to make your own bespoke jewelry!