Natural Diamonds

Naturally-mined diamonds are made of carbon and developed over millions of year under intense heat and pressure beneath the Earth. While natural diamonds take billions of years to grow, lab-grown diamonds are fully formed in as little as 6 – 10 weeks in an artificially laboratory. 

The biggest difference between natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and simulated diamonds is that one is made by mother nature, while the other two are made using the power of science and technology.  

Because of how rare it is for all the ideal conditions to fall into place, marketers have used it to their advantage to position diamonds as a precious and valuable jewel that is still strongly associated with love and commitment today.

In the past decade, we are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that mining diamonds have on the environment. To put things into perspective, a one-carat mined diamond is the result of over 87,000 pounds of displaced earth and over 5 tonnes of environmental waste – causing a major disruption in our ecosystem.

This is why simulated diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanites are growing in popularity as affordable and sustainable engagement rings and everyday jewellery  that are just as breath-taking and sparkly, without costing your wallet and the environment.