Our diamond simulates are lab created in the America and have similar characteristics to natural diamonds. These stones resemble real diamonds so closely and have the same appearance like the perfect natural diamond. It is difficult for professional jewelers to distinguish them from real diamonds without going under the gem scope.

in 18 KARAATS, we only select stellar quality stones for our jewelry.


Our simulates are hand cut to ideal symmetry and proportions for the connoisseur perfectionist. They are equivalent t to the highest D color and flawless in clarity unlike most natural diamonds have inclusions. During the final finishing, synthetic industrial diamond powder is used for top brilliance. This is why our stimulants perform even better than some real diamonds because most real diamonds are not cut properly in order to obtain the biggest carat. (bigger carat yield higher price)


Our diamond simulates are D color equivalent which is in the whitest color group grading system.

Diamond Color Chart


Diamond simulants have no inclusions because they are produced and controlled by man, unline natural diamonds. These stones we use are internally flawless. (IF)

Diamond Clarity Chart


Ideal cut parameters for round brilliant cut

Table percentage : 53%-57%

Depth Percentage : 59%-63%

Girdle : Very Thick to Thin, faceted

Culet : Pointed or Non Polish


Diamonds are sold by carats, not to be confused with karat, which refers to gold quality. (18k, 24k gold or in asia 750, 999) The carat is a unit of weight, not size. It is very important to realize that small shift in quality and size make tremendous differences in value. As the size od the diamond increases, the price increases significantly.